Zoroastrianism and Buddhism tour

Departure Date



12 days



Maximum Seats


Tour Overview

Day 1


  • Arrival in Tashkent, accommodation at the hotel in 12:00
  • Lunch in the restaurant.
  • Excursion: visit of “Museum of History”, where is stored a rich collection of Zoroastrian and Buddhist artifacts of Uzbekistan.
  • This day you will also see an archaeological City “Ming Urik”, the old city, market “Chorsu”,  “Independence Square” and       “ Amir Timur Square”.
  • Dinner in the restaurant. National dish.
  • Overnight is in the hotel.
Day 2


  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Transfer to airport for early flight to Termez.
  • Excursion: “Kokildor-Ota-Khanaka”, “Kirk-Kiz fortress- summer residence of the rulers of Samanids dynasty , “Ensemble of Sultan-Saodat and Zurmala” (stupa of Buddha).
  • Lunch in city, national cuisine.
  • Excursion: visit of “Karatepa”, “Fayaztepa”, “Mausoleum of Al-Khakim-at-Termezi”. In the evening free time.
  • Diner, national cuisine.
Day 3


  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Excursion: “Greco-Bactrian fortress Kamkirtepa”, “Djarkurgan Minaret”.
  • Return to the Termez through the Surkhan Oasis”
  • Lunch in city.
  • You will pas by the bridgeof “Drujba” ( “Friendship”) connecting Uzbekistan and Afganistan. Visit of  “Termez Archaeological Museum”.
  • In the evening transfer to the airport, flight to Tashkent.
  • Arrival in Tashkent, accommodation at the hotel.
  • Dinner, national dish.
Day 4

Tashkent –Nukus-Ayaz Kala

  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport for the flight to Nukus.
  • Arrival in Nukus.
  • Excursion: visit of “Museum of Savicskiy”, “Monument of Karakalpak poet Berdakh”, “Municipality of Nukus”, “Drama Theater”.
  • Lunch in the city.
  • Excursion: departure to yurt camp “Ayaz-Kala”. Along the way you will see the “Tower of silence Chilpik”-Zoroastrian Dakhma.
  • Arrival in the yurt camp “Ayaz-Kala”.
  • Diner-national cuisine.
  • Night in the yurts.
Day 5

Khorezm - Khiva

  • Breakfast is in the yurt..
  • Departure from camp.
  • Excursion: this day you will visit several fortresses of ancient Khorezm scattered across the desert. “Gayaur-Kala” (fortress of the infidels) and “Koy-Krilgan-Kala” (fortress of the dead sheeps). This fortresses were defensive structures.
  • Lunch in the city.
  • After the excursion a trip to Khiva.
  • Arrival in Khiva. Accommodation at the hotel.
  • Diner-national cuisine.
  • Hight in the hotel.
Day 6


  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Excursion: “Fortress Ichan-Kala”, “ Madrassah of Mukhammad Amin Khan”, “Mukhammad-Rakhim –Khan Madrassah”, “Minaret Kalta-Minor”.
  • Lunch-natiional cuisine.
  • Excursion: “Fortress Kunya-Ark”, “Mosque Djuma”, “Tash-Khauli Palace”, “Mausoleum of Pakhlavan-Makhmud”, “Islam-Khodja Minaret”
  • Diner-national cuisine.
Day 7


  • Breakfast is in the hotel
  • Departure  from Khiva to Bukhara.
  • Arrival in Bukhara at the end of the day.
  • Accommodation and rest at the hotel.
  • Diner-national cuisine.
Day 8


  • Breakfast is in the hotel .
  • Excursion: “Complex Lyabi-Khauz”, “Mosque Magoki-Attori”,
  • “Chor-Minor Madrassah”, “Trading domes”, “Minaret  and Mosque Kalyan”, “Miri-Arab Madrassah”, “Ulugbegh Madrassah”.
  • Lunch- national cuisine.
  • Excursion: “Abdulaziz-Khan Madrassah”, “Fortress Ark”, “Mosque Boloi-Khauz”, “Samamnid’s Mausoleum” and “Mausoleum Chashma-Ayub”.
  • Diner- national cuisine.
Day 9


  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Excursion: trip out of town “Sitorai-Mokhi-Khosa”-summer residence of the last Bukharian emir.
  • After the visit of “Mausoleum of Bakhauddin-Nakshbandi”.
  • Lunch in the city.
  •  Departure to Samarkand (280 km-4h).
  • Arrival in Samarkand in the evening, accommodation at the hotel.
  • Diner- national cuisine, national folklore and defile of national clothes.
  • Night in the hotel.
Day 10


  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Excursion: “Gur-Emir Mausoleum”, “Reghistan Square”, “Cathedral Mosque Bibi-Khanym”.
  • Lunch- national cuisine.
  •  Visit of “Museum and archaeological town Afrosiyab”, wich was the center of ancient Samarkand. Today the hill fort  is a
  • Hilly terrain with an area of 212 hectares surrounded by a moat. Currently there are archaeological excavations.
  • Light-sound panorama at the “Reghistan Square”.
  • Diner- national cuisine.
Day 11


  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Excursion: the architectural complex Shakhi-Zinda, “Ulugbegh Observatory”. Than ypu are waited by a trip to the village “Koni-Ghil”, where you can observe the process of making Samarkand paper from mulberry on ancient technology.
  • Lunch – national cuisine.
  • Free time.
  • Transfer to railway station at 16:00.
  • Arrival at 19:30. Here you will meet and transferred to the hotel.
  • Diner-national cuisine. Night at the hotel.
Day 12

End of the tour

  • Breakfast is in the hotel.
  • Transfer to the airport.
  • Departure from Tashkent.

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