Privacy Policy

Basic Privacy Policy of Shirin Sayyoh Travel Agency

We recognize that the protection of personal information of our customers and all who are concerned with our company is our social responsibility. We are committed to carrying out the following policies in the protection of personal information.

1. We assign personnel to manage personal information (“Management System”) and appropriately manage them.

2. In the case of requesting personal information, we will determine the purpose of the use of such information and / or provide such information only within the limits of the stated purposes.

3. We will implement safety rules in order to manage the risks of all the personal information handled in our company, such as being accessed in an unauthorized manner, being leaked, lost, or maliciously damaged, and will take the organizational, personnel, physical and technological to avoid risks and corrective measures.

4. In the case of outsourcing, some of our operations to other companies, personal information processing, we will request and supervise such contractors to the same personal manner as the handled in our company.

5. We will observe laws and ordinances on the protection of personal information, governmental guidelines and other social norms, and will endeavor to continually improve the Management System through regular review.

6. In the case where any customer requests our company to disclose and / or correct personal information that has been kept by our company and which belongs to such customer, we will respond in accordance with laws and ordinances on the protection of personal information, and other social norms. We will respond in good faith to any and all complaints.