Malika Bukhara

Malika Bukhara

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The Malika Bukhara Hotel is located in the very heart of ancient Bukhara not far from the Lyabi-Khauz complex. Already at the entrance, the guests’ attention is drawn by copper jugs, Bukhara carpets, Uzbek dolls and other colorful elements of the interior.

The hotel restaurant enhances the feeling of an oriental fairy tale: the walls are decorated with frescos of oriental motifs, and wits of Uzbek many-colored “royal” silk – khan-atlas hung between them.

Moderate and light rooms cannot boast with special luxury, but they are very cozy and equipped with separate bath-rooms.

In the evening, after a tour of the city, you can take a rest in a summer tea-house located in the hotel yard, and have oriental candies and hot tea, as it is proper in the East.


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